The best times for hosting outdoor special events is usually spring through fall, since the weather tends to be more comfortable during those seasons rather than in the winter months. Even so, hot weather can be a real problem for events such as birthday and graduation parties held at outdoor locations. To keep any outdoor event from losing its appeal because of hot temperatures, it is important to know how to handle heat before it melts both the dessert and the guests.

Use A Tent

It is rare to see outdoor special events that do not have some kind of a shelter available, a place for guests to get out of the sun. When there is no access to terraces or patios, a tent is an affordable, convenient option. A tent is the best place to set up food, seating, and tables as well as give guests an option to avoid the sun if temperatures should climb. Best of all, tents do double-duty by providing protection from sudden showers or rainstorms that can pop up during warm weather months.

Ensure Food Safety

A definite concern that should be addressed for warm-weather outdoor events is protecting food from the effects of heat, both for decorative and safety reasons. The time and money spent on food for gatherings held outdoors at special event locations can be easily wasted if high temperatures cause food to spoil or melt. Most significantly, food that is not properly stored will ruin much faster in the heat, increasing the possibility of bacteria growth that could make guests ill.

To prevent these situations, it is recommended to keep food indoors as long as possible before it is served. Providing ample ways to keep food iced, as well as preparing or setting out only smaller amounts at a time, can help lessen the chance of food spoiling. Keep any food offerings covered as much as possible to avoid contamination and prevent insects from finding it.

Offer Special Guest Services

In any type of unexpected weather, tending to little details will help keep guests content. When heat is the culprit, keep ice cold bottles of water available at all times, provide umbrellas for outside tables, and help heat-sensitive guests to be comfortable and free of any ill effects. Fans to keep air moving under tents are helpful, as are portable air conditioning units that can be rented in case temperatures do rise. Hand fans, misters, and wet wipes can help guests keep cool, as is providing insect repellent wipes and sunscreen. Keep such items easily locatable in restrooms and baskets throughout the venue for easy access.

When shared with friends and family, all types of outdoor special events can be a highlight of the summer season. Rather than allowing the heat to spoil the fun, plan ahead for the possibility of high temperatures. When looking at outdoor birthday party locations, graduation party venues and other special event sites, take the time to prepare for excessive heat and other inclement weather so that the celebration can be enjoyed, even if Mother Nature does not want to cooperate!

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