One of the first and most important decisions a couple must make when planning their wedding is location. There are an abundance of both indoor and outdoor wedding sites available, which can make choosing the right location a challenge. Popular outdoor wedding locations may seem to be the perfect idea; however, there are positives and negatives that must be considered. Similarly, elaborate ballrooms and historic buildings are also desirable wedding reception locations. Each type of location offers possibilities unique to each wedding, so understanding both the negatives and the positives is essential.

Outdoor Wedding Receptions

Wedding receptions held outdoors can result in some of the most beautiful, memorable moments in a couple’s marriage, especially when the event is well-planned and everything goes as planned. Following are some of the positive aspects of outdoor wedding locations:

  • Beautiful Atmosphere – Whether at the seashore, on the outskirts of the woods, or at an elaborate garden estate, weddings planned outdoors are often preferred due to a beautiful atmosphere. An outdoor wedding site offers a natural setting that cannot be recreated indoors, making for a truly memorable event that a couple and their guests will remember for years.
  • Simpler Decorations – Because the backdrop of Mother Nature is part of the decorative effect, decorating for wedding sites out-of-doors is usually easier and less expensive. Accenting to match the surroundings makes a lovely setting for a wedding, with little need for much else.

There are also certain negative aspects to consider when considering an outdoor venue for weddings:

  • Weather – This is usually the main concern with outdoor wedding locations, as they must be scheduled so far in advance. To avoid weather concerns, it is a good idea to include available patios, tents, or other areas where guests can take shelter in the event the weather changes, although this can increase costs.
  • Insects – Insects, especially mosquitoes, can be a real problem at some outdoor events. If insects are likely to be a problem, plans should be made for treating or fogging the area.
  • Restrooms Weddings held outdoors almost always have restroom accommodations, although it may require a bit of a walk. Before choosing a wedding on the beach or in the middle of a romantic forest clearing to be the perfect setting, consider the issue of restroom location.

Indoor Wedding Receptions

Indoor wedding sites can be just as wonderful as those held outdoors, with richly decorated rooms and no need to be concerned about the weather; however, they do come with a few limitations. Following are some of the positive aspects of an indoor setting:

  • Endless Decorating Choices – The sky’s the limit when it comes to indoor wedding reception locations. Decorations can be anything, from simple and elegant to a favorite theme. Creative decorating can make a reception unique, one that reflects a couple’s passions or sense of humor. Just remember that all decorations come with a price tag.
  • Controlled Climate – Along with little concern about weather, an indoor venue keeps everyone cool or warm, as necessary, for year-round comfort.

Following are some of the negative issues to consider when researching for an indoor location for weddings:

  • Space Restrictions – Sometimes the best wedding sites can only handle a certain number of guests, which can create concerns for a couple with a large invitation list. Maximum capacity may differ based on the type of reception and food that will be offered; however, there are times when the perfect place cannot handle a couple’s requirements.
  • Access – Meeting halls and ballrooms handle large events such as wedding receptions very well, as they were designed for such celebrations. When a desired wedding reception location is in an historic building or similar smaller location, consideration must be given for room size, vendor access, and limited parking.

Wherever they are held, weddings are happy, joyous occasions for the wedding couple and their guests. By carefully choosing an indoor or outdoor wedding location as the perfect venue, a couple can be sure that their special day goes off without a “hitch!”

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